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Bubblesound cvWS Dual Wave Shaper

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Bubblesound cvWS

cvWS is a dual waveshaper for eurorack format modular synthesizers. It features two waveshapers sourced from the uLFO. The top portion of the module is a shaper that melds phase-synced square and triangle waves into a saw wave. However, the fun really beings when users start experimenting with the different outputs and applying FM to the inputs. To this extent, the Shape knob and corresponding CV input will alter the offset of the signal present at the triangle input, while the audio input also accepts CV to produce an FM effect when used in conjunction with audio rate modulation.

The lower section is a shaper that conforms triangle waveforms to a sine waveform. With the shape pot set to twelve o' clock, the output is an immaculate sine wave (though this is dependent on the symmetry of the introduced triangle wave). This section is also highly functional in tandem with audio rate modulators, producing an effect somewhere in-between FM and ring modulation.

cvWS Features

  • Top section is a saw shaper
  • Bottom section is a sine shaper
  • Produces an array of useful effects
  • Width: 8HP
  • Current Draw: 50mA@+12v; 50mA@-12v
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