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Boomstar 4075 Eurorack Filter - 12HP

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Boomstar 4075 Eurorack Filter - 12HP


Our 4075 filter is the most requested of the Boomstar filter models, perhaps owing to its uniqueness.  Has there ever been a better match for a square wave?  It weaves dreams with “glidey,” 70s basslines, is a natural in the lead department, and feels as if a temper tantrum simmers a mere micron beneath its veneer of faux respectability. Aggressive and articulate, this fresh ARP can snap punishing kick drum sounds out as well as color with bright, edgy, stringy tones for essential arpeggiations.


  • Modeled after ARP style filters
  • Frequency and Resonance control knobs, as well as Control Voltage inputs
  •  Two Frequency CV inputs with attenuators
  • 1 v/8ve input for keyboard tracking of cutoff
  • Two outputs for routing versatility

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  • Eurorack Module w/ standard power 12v power
  • Class A Circuit design
  • 12 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth (Including connectors)
  • Current Draw: 23mA, 30mA (+12 / -12)
  • Module draws more power from +12v rail than -12v
  • Undersized power may cause buzz or hum


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