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Boomstar 3003 Eurorack Filter - 12HP

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Boomstar 3003 Eurorack Filter - 12HP

Our 3003 filter has the most gentle sonic touch of its partners in the Boomstar fold, but nevertheless is quite capable of shaping precise, very dynamic tone.  Whether or not this STUDIO ELECTRONICS filter is filling its traditional baseline boxing niche, driving a harsh, liquid, acid-like tone, a softer more rubber-bandy SH-101-ish presence, or out of the bass range altogether, leading the way, all is within easy reach of this surprisingly warm and versatile VCF.  The 3003 can be distinctly vocal at times, especially when one is willing to put grittier, more distorted desires aside. 


  • Modeled after the Roland TB-303 and SH-101 filters
  • Frequency and Resonance control knobs, as well as Control Voltage inputs
  • Two Frequency CV inputs with attenuators
  • 1 v/8ve input for keyboard tracking of cutoff
  • Two outputs for routing versatility

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  • Eurorack Module w/ standard power 12v power
  • Class A Circuit design
  • 12 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth (Including connectors)
  • Current Draw: 37mA, 25mA (+12 / -12)
  • Module draws more power from +12v rail than -12v
  • Undersized power may cause buzz or hum

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