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Subharmonics Generator - 4HP

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Subharmonics Generator - 4HP


This is a utility add-on module for a VCO. One can patch a saw, square, triangle , or sine wave into the input jack and get individual outputs for the first four subharmonics . To get the most out of this module, a mixer would compliment, allowing for individual level control of the subharmonics in relationship to the original input. (This is optional as you will still get audio results, it is just fun to mix the original wave with the sub fat waves.) What one will hear this module is one super fat mixture of harmonics. There are 4 level control knobs to mix in each harmonic.

The module can handle a full wide frequency spectrum, even providing subharmonics for The module is using CD4013 Flip Flop IC to do it's 4 divider break down. There is no latency, no Atmega or STM issues.


  • 4 Knobs to mix in 4 divided sub harmonics.
  • Works with the full frequency range of an Oscillator
  • Zero latency

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  • Utility, VCO add on
  • Depth: tba
  • Width: 4hp
  • Standard eurorack power

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