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Blue Lantern
Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer

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Item: N13-2974

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Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer
Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer

The Blue Lantern Dwarf Star is a semi-modular synthesizer boasting an all-analog signal path. The synthesizer is comprised of two triangle-core VCOs,a 12 dB analog filter with a diode limiter, two linear envelope generators, two VCAs (with optional stereo output), two LFOs, a VC noise generator, two sample & holds, a mixer, and a stereo delay. 

The Dawrf’s VCO section was inspired by the Bergfotron Advanced VCO and utilizes a discreet transistor array to generate triangle waveforms. Filter-wise, there are separate outputs for low-, band-, high-pass that are also configurable as all-pass and notch. The internal diode works well with the mixer section to provide a sound palette ranging from smooth to chaotic. 

The synth offers separate control over each VCA, with a CV input for a rotor stereo effect. 

Additionally, this section also contains a modular-to-line level converter that’s great for sending the output signal to a DAW or external effects. 

Each of the Dwarf Star’s LFOs is different. The VCLFO boasts a triangle core and both exponential and linear CV inputs. On the other hand, the skew LFO is more similar to that of the MS-20. It features a triangle waveshaper with a dedicated output, as well as a pulse width output. 

The delay section is built around two PT2399 chips, which mimic BBD chips to allow for expressive delay trails. Each of this section’s controls features a dedicated CV input.

Dwarf Star Semi-Modular Synthesizer Features

  • 2 Triangle-Core VCOs
  • 12dB Analog Filter w/ unique Diode Limiter
  • Mixer Section w/ Overdrive and "patch-free" mixing
  • PPL VC Noise Generator
  • 2 LFOs
  • Twin VCAs (Stereo)
  • Sample & Hold
  • Vintage Sounding Delay
  • Stereo 1/4" Outputs

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  • Internal Op-Amp Power scheme: -12v, +12v.
  • Method of bi-polar power generation: DC-DC converter.
  • Input Power requirement: 18v to 24v DC input. 24v is the normal recommended spec.
  • Dimensions: 17" x 8" x 3".
  • Box Material: Bud Industries Aluminum enclosure.
  • Input voltage rating - 110v AC - 220v AC24v. Internal Auto Switching selector.
  • Output voltage rating - 24v DC with positive tip jack.
  • Type: Switching power supply.
  • Only USA IEC power cord included. International users will need to buy an IEC power cord.

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