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Asteroid Mini Synth - 20HP

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Asteroid Mini Synth - 20HP


The Asteroid Mini Synthesizer is a full voice in one Eurorack module. It consists of a VCO, VCA, Envelope Gnerator, Sub Harmonic Generator, Noise Generator, Analog Delay and Trigger Striking Circuit.

The VCO is a discrete transistor design with a triangle wave core. Triangle, Sine, Square, and Sub Harmonic Pulse are all available as waveform outputs. White and High Pass White Noise are also available. The VCO also features sync, two 1v/oct CV inputs, and a Linear FM Input. Lastly, the VCO features a bi-polar decay source and "Pop CV" that adds an extra punch to the sound.

The Envelope Generator is quite flexible. It has the ability to switch between different levels of "snappiness" - making it work better for drums or different types of synths at different settings. The Trigger Striking System allows the envelope to be "pinged" to create big drum sounds.

The Mixer section is a summing mixer with direct output (pre VCA and pre booster). This way, you can skip the rest of the voice and just use the VCO separately. The Mixer also features an extra input jack to mix in another source - especially useful for layering up drum sounds.

The VCA can be patched into directly, bypassing the intern summing mixer. This is great for send and return patching.

The Analog Delay has modulation inputs for Repat, Time, and Level.

The Final Output gives a normal post VCA synth level output and a "Perc" output that can mix in the delay FX. All outputs can be used simultaneously.


  • Great for drums or a full synth voice
  • Triangle Core VCO
  • VCA & Mixer
  • Flexible Envelope Generator
  • Sub Harmonic Generator
  • Noise Generator
  • Trigger Striking Circuit
  • Analog Delay

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 20HP Width
  • 45mm Depth
  • +12v: 108mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 83mA Current Draw

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