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Birdkids The Bateleur 42HP System

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Birdkids Bateleur 42HP System

The Bateleur 42HP System is a powerful new compact complete system built around a discrete core VCO with a 4-pole self oscillating VCF. The whole system is powered off USB micro type B so powering it is extremely easy. The Bateleur also features a built in VCA and is capable of amazing complex wave-shaping with through-zero frequency modulation at the flick of a switch. Housed in a sleek wood side case, the Bateleur is perfect as a standalone synthesizer or as part of a larger system.

Bateleur 42HP System Features


  • 1v/oct
  • cutoff (cv)
  • pwm (cv)
  • fm (cv)
  • filter input


  • sine
  • triangle
  • saw
  • pulse
  • sub pulse
  • filter output


  • filter / self-oscillation (◉)
  • fm / fm through-zero


  • fine (+/- 7 semitones)
  • range (5 octaves)
  • glide
  • fm
  • cutoff
  • pw (variable from 0% - 100%)
  • pwm
  • Modular-Eurorack, 22 HE
  • Power Consumption
  • bipolar 100mA +12v
  • 80mA -12v
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