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Befaco Rampage Dual Slope Generator

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Befaco Rampage

The Befaco Rampage is an expansion of a classic synthesis paradigm: the patch-programmable function generator. With strong roots in the Buchla 281 and Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, the Rampage adds a slew (pardon the pun) of new features: analog logic outputs, slope detectors, and more.

Function generators (also known as integrators or slope/ramp generators) descended from the Serge VCS are valued for their flexibility, and Rampage is no exception. Rampage can function as a dual glide generator, dual two and three-stage envelope, dual variable-shape LFO, dual VCO, envelope follower, multiwindow comparator, gate extractor, dual waveshaper, lowpass filter, trigger delay, slope detector, burst generator, and more (whoa).

The unique features that make this slope generator different from its Eurorack cohorts (including a popular arithmetically-named utility module) include manual trigger buttons, slope length range switches, a built in minimum level follower, dedicated level comparator, integrated rising and falling slope detectors for each channel, and super-cool sliders for rise and fall length.

If you do not have a slope generator, Rampage is a strongly recommended offering. If you already have a slope generator, Rampage will not result in redundancy. Rampage is its own beast, and an incredibly useful one at that.

Rampage Features

  • Dual slope generator in 18HP
  • Built-in analog logic controls
  • Continuously variable between log-linear-expo shapes
  • Built-in manual triggers
  • Performs an incredible range of functions, from VCO to filter to envelope to waveshaper to slew generator to...
  • Classic synthesizer function with many newly integrated features
  • Power consumption: 110mA @ +12V / 90 mA @ - 12V
  • Panel width: 18 HP
  • Max. depth: 30mm / 1.18 in with power connector
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