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Crush Delay v2 Digital Delay - 11HP

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Crush Delay v2 Digital Delay - 11HP


The Befaco Crush Delay uses the Princeton PT2399 delay chip, but unlike many such delays is designed to produce the types of sounds that the PT2399 chip is so uniquely good at producing: digital malfunction noise sounds.

The Crush Delay utilizes two VCAs for its inputs, one sent to the "dry/wet" section and one directly into the wet delay line. The second input is ideal for inserting other effects into the delay line, allowing for peculiar feedback processing experimentation. The Crush delay also allows voltage control of feedback level and an automatic gain control to keep your levels in check even in the most extreme settings.

Perhaps the most interesting features of the Crush Delay involve integration of common circuit bending techniques into the module itself. Three gate-controllable switcheallow for activation and deactivation of three different built-in "bends," allowing for severe underclocking and other glitch and noisy sounds.

The Befaco Crush delay is a proud PT2399 delay, taking advantage of the chip's peculiarities to make an effect that goes well beyond the duties of a typical delay.


  • Eurorack delay with two inputs and voltage control over all parameters
  • Built-in control based on circuit bending techniques for creating digital mayhem and glitch sounds with applicable switches and gate controls
  • FX send/return for external feedback processing
  • Based on Princeton PT2399 delay chip

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  • Panel width: 11hp
  • Depth: 47mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V / 35mA @ -12V

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