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A*B+C Voltage Processor - 6HP

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Item: N13-5893

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A*B+C Voltage Processor - 6HP


The Befaco A*B+C is aa powerful utility not dissimilar to their Dual Attenuverter, but considerably more powerful. It is perhaps simpliest to think of it as two voltage controllable attenuverters with voltage controllable offset.

The module does exactly what its name implies: it multiplies the levels of its A and B inputs and adds the product to its C voltage. The B attenuverter is normalized to 5V, so it can be used to multiply incoming signals up to +/- 2 times unity gain. C is normalized to 10V, so offset can be applied without patching external voltages (though trust me, these means of combining external voltages can be insanely fun). The output of the first block is even normalized to the second, so even more complex voltage processing can be performed.

But wait...four quadrant multiplication...does that mean that this thing can act as a Ring Mod? YES IT CAN. And voltage controllable signal multiplication means it can act as a VCA, right? Yes. With A*B+C, you can attenuate, invert, polarize, and process voltages to your soul's content. Voltage math at your fingertips...


  • Dual multiplication circuits with gain factors up to +/-2
  • Dual offset
  • Attenuates, inverts, offsets, and polarizes incoming voltages
  • Four quadrant multiplication allows effects including ring modulation, amplitude modulation, and more
  • Tremendous amount of utility functionality in small space

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  • Panel width: 6hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V / 40mA @ -12V

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