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Befaco A*B+C Voltage Processor

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Befaco A*B+C

The A*B+C is a utility module that bears a slight resemblance to their Dual Attenuverter, though this unit is ultimately much more potent. Essentially, the A*B+C is comprised of two VC attenuverters alongside a VC offset.

Functionally, the module multiplies A and B input levels before routing the sum to the C voltage. Since the B attenuverter is normalized to 5V, it is able to boost incoming signals up to -/+ 2 times the unity gain. Conversely, the C attenuverter is normalized to to 10V, which enables offset to be imparted without the need for external voltages. Additionally, the output of the first section is normalized to the second, affording the creation of even more complex processing configurations.

If all that wasn’t enough, consider this: since the module is a four-quadrant multiplier, it is capable of ring mod functionality! What’s more, since its signal multiplication is under full voltage control, it can also behave as a VCA! With all these functions, users can implement the A*B+C voltage processor for a variety of tactical applications.

A*B+C Features

  • Dual multiplication circuits with gain factors up to +/-2
  • Dual offset
  • Attenuates, inverts, offsets, and polarizes incoming voltages
  • Four quadrant multiplication allows effects including ring modulation, amplitude modulation, and more
  • Tremendous amount of utility functionality in small space
  • Panel width: 6hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V / 40mA @ -12V
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