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BASTL Instruments Tromso Utility Module (Aluminum)

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The Tromoso by Bastl instruments is a tripartite combination of three useful utility modules inspired by mid-90s analog distortion boxes: a VCO, comparator, and sample & hold. The module’s internal normalization ensures double usage as an analog sample rate reducer.

Tromoso’s VCA tracks at 1V/Oct with the FM Attenuator fully open, and each section is capable of functioning independently.

This version of the Tromso features an ALUMINUM faceplate.


  • 5HP 
  • Triangle core VCO 
  • Exponential FM input with Attenuator Knob 
  • Tracks volt per octave over about 5 octaves when attenuator is fully open 
  • Switch to change range of the VCO – high= 15Hz-45kHz, low=50s – 50Hz 
  • VCO output is normalised to Comparator Input thus Comparator Output creates pulse waveform for the VCO (Threshold = PWM) 
  • Comparator has Threshold Knob, CV Input for Threshold, Input and Output with indication LED 
  • S&H section has gate input, input and output 
  • Switch to select mode: Sample & Hold (samples at rising gate and then holds) or Track & Hold (at high gate tracks, at low gate holds)
  • 5HP width
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector
  • 45mm deep
  • Current consumption: +12V
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