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Trinity DRUM

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Trinity DRUM
Trinity DRUM Trinity DRUM Trinity DRUM


Trinity is universal musical instrument and original sounding modular groovebox. It can function as any type of digital synthesizer, sequencer, controller, arpeggiator or almost anything that can be programmed into a micro-controller. Trinity is designed to be connected and combined with other Trinities of different functions in a chain, so you can create your own music making environment. It is ready to communicate with the outer world via MIDI and different sync and CV methods using MIDI Bastl. We are musicians passionate of exploring new fields of sonic experience – we already developed 4 different instruments for Trinity which work great together. They are sequencer, drum synthesizer, polyphonic synthesizer and monophonic FM synthesizer and there are many more to come!

Communication: SQNCR is able to sequence 3 different Trinity instruments by MIDI protocol which is ideal for live sequencing. All instruments have MIDI input which reads note and CC values.(We plan to make CC automation sequencer and sensor boards sending CC.)

Audio: The chain connectors also share audio line which simply works as a passive mixer so all instruments can be mixed directly on Trinities themselves by the volume knobs and audio can be taken out by the rightmost jack. You can also take the audio from each device separately.

Power: The chain also shares the power so you need just one power adaptor to power the whole system. The Instruments can be powered from batteries in the chain as well.


  • 5 voice polyphonic drum sample player (6th voice for metronome)
  • Step sequencer
  • 32 steps / pattern
  • 5 storable patterns for each preset
  • Random pattern generation
  • Pattern copy / paste
  • Recording from the buttons
  • Erase single notes or whole pattern
  • Metronome
  • Jump – repeating certain step
  • Tap tempo
  • Auto quantize
  • 6 different drum sounds for each preset
  • 6 presets
  • Mystery shuffle: for each sound you can adjust sample rate, time stretch, cut, distortion, volume and sample to be played
  • Global mode for tweaking all samples at the same time
  • 4 different official drum kits (lo-fi TR909, classic from DRUM 1.0, gameboy, glitch)
  • Drum kits / samples can be changed by converting wave files into .h file included in the source code (by python script included in Mozzi library) and updating the software in the Atmega
  • MIDI native by side connectors, note & velocity sensitive, CC support, thru
  • MIDI connector by connecting MIDI Bastl by the side

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  • Open-source, DIY, handmade, hackable, repairable
  • Bastl library with all source codes – gitHub
  • Atmega 328 chip reprogrammable by Arduino IDE (Arduino Uno compatible bootloader)
  • Runs Mozzi library in HI-FI mode
  • Midi implementation chart (you are able to add comments)

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