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Tea Kick Analog Drum - 5HP

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Tea Kick Analog Drum - 5HP

BASTL Tea Kick

The Tea Kick from BASTL Instruments is an analog kick drum circuit based on the Twin T resonant structure and inspired by the circuits of Standa Filip. The idea behind the circuit is to create an electronic membrane, which resonates differently from 1-dimensional harmonics such as those produced on a string. Once it is struck by a burst of electricity, its decay is dependent on the resonance of the circuit. The Tune control changes which frequency the resonance emphasises, while the Resonance control decides how long it rings. The higher the resonance, the longer the drum sound. If desired, the resonance can be increased up to self oscillation, providing a strange type of VCO. Also mixed into the sound is a click generator, which mimics the battery device used to strike drums. There is also a dedicated squarewave output for utility use. Tea Kick can be used as a standard kick, all the way up to a wacky sound source. The most esoteric of Kick Drum modules! 

Tea Kick Features

  • Bass drum generator
  • Tune knob for adjusting pitch
  • CV input with attenuator for Tune
  • Resonance knob
  • Resonance range switch (low range limits the circuit from self oscillation)
  • Click tune knob – adjusts pitch of click added to the drum body
  • Click output jack – when plugged in it puts the click out of the main output
  • Buffered output
  • Square wave output
  • Trigger input
  • Wtf input (acts something like band pass filter but not really:)
  • Trimmer to adjust the resonance range
  • Handmade in Brno, Czech republic
  • Front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs

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  • 5 HP
  • 35mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • current +12: <15mA, -12 <15mA
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 16 pin power connector

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