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BASTL Instruments
LittleNerd Trigger Tool - 6HP

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Item: N13-3723

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LittleNerd Trigger Tool - 6HP

Bastl LittleNerd Trigger Tool

The LittleNERD by Bastl Instruments is a trigger and clock manipulation module that brings unparalleled functionality to Eurorack modular synthesizer systems in a compact 6HP. The module is essentially a multipurpose trigger and gate processor: each of its two inputs can be routed to its five outputs in various combinations. Though each channel has an assigned knob, the functionality of said knob is dependent on the specific mode selected. Each of the module’s seven modes can be manipulated via two parameters, which can be individually selected for each mode. 

Featured modes include: Clock Oscillator, Delayed Divider, Euclidian Sequencer, Multiplier, Probability, Trigger to Gate Divider, and Trigger Repeater. 

LittleNerd Features

  • multipurpose clock, trigger and gate processor
  • 2 inputs 1, 2
  • 5 outputs with assignable function mode and 2 parameters
  • outputs A,B,C process signal from input 1
  • outputs D and E process input from 2 or 1 with certain probability (probability mix knob)
  • DELAYED DIVIDER – clock divider that can be offseted from the original clock (or just delay when divider is set to 1)
  • TRIGGER 2 GATE / FLOP DIVIDER – converts pulse to different pulse length, offsetable flop divider (flips gate state with every clock)
  • MULTIPLIER – outputs clocks in between clock signal – can be set from 1-8
  • TRIGGER REPEATER – you can set how many times it repeats input pulse and how fast
  • EUCLIDIAN SEQUENCER – 16 step, independently set sequence length and number of fills
  • CLOCK OSCILLATOR – pulse width can be set, goes up to audio range, can be used as detune to input frequency
  • PROBABILITY / GROOVE – probability of trigger goes thru or not with certain probability, if set to GROOVE delays every second clock
  • number setting assistant -RGB led helps you to orientate while setting specific number by knob
  • 5V trigger outputs
  • open-source, arduino compatible and re-programmable (6pin FTDi connector)
  • front panel from oak wood
  • handmade in Brno, Czech Republic

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  • 6HP
  • 50mm deep
  • power consumption on 5V < 30 mA
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 16 pin power connector
  • requires 5 volts in bus board

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