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Bass Bot TT-303 MK2 Analog Synthesizer

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Bass Bot TT-303 MK2 Analog Synthesizer

Bass Bot TT-303

Now with the same case as the TT-606 and TT-78!

The TT-303 from Cyclone Analogic is a reproduction of the most coveted bass synthesizer units, the TB-303. It is an analog, monophonic synthesizer with a built in sequencer, perfect for generating phat acid basslines for almost any style of electronic music. Its layout and circuit design is identical to the original, as well as its functionality, but has been made using 21st century technology and components.

The sequencer uses the classic step-entry programming that was present on the original TB-303, and holds up to 224 editable patterns, along with another 224 non-editable patterns. "Songs" up to 127 bars can be saved in a bank of 7, all being stored in flash memory, which means it will stay programmed even after the unit is powered down.

With the release of version two, some serious updates have been added. A TAP input mode for pattern programming allows for quick, performative programming that isn't bogged down by shift keys and tedious button clicking. MIDI implementation has also been expanded to include many new MIDI features. Nothing gets closer to the original than the BassBot TT-303.

Bass Bot TT-303 Features

  • Selectable sawtooth or square-wave VCO
  • 24dB 4-pole resonant analog filter
  • Arpeggiator
  • Pattern rotation (left or right) one step in time
  • Copy and Paste pattern banks
  • Live pitch transpose (1/2-step up or down), live accent, and live slide (portamento)
  • MIDI In, or MIDI In and Out with provided splitter cable

New Features for Version 2

  • Added TAP Input Mode for pattern programming
  • The pattern generator function produces a wider range of keys and down/up modifiers
  • Added pattern unroll function. This automatically loops and extends patterns to a length of 16, 32, or 64 steps
  • Added pattern playback in MIDI Mode for improved integration with DAWs
  • Added the Live Performance features to MIDI Mode
  • Added Arpeggiator Mode copy and paste functions. The version of the pattern that the Arpeggiator is currently playing can be copied to the clipboard and pasted as a new pattern
  • Added pattern color edit function to Arpeggiator Mode
  • Added sequencer gate width setting (global setting)
  • Adjusted the taper on the Tempo control to increase the accuracy within the most commonly used range of tempos
  • Increased LED indicator refresh rate to reduce LED flicker on some video cameras and improve color representation
  • Several Bugs Fixed

Download: Bass Bot TT-303 Manual

BassBot TT-303 Videos

In this video we pair the Roland TR-8 drum computer with Roland TB-303 clone the Cyclone Bassbot TT-303. With the jacking drum sounds of the TR-707 loaded into the TR-8, and spiny accented patterns programmed into the TT-303 we tap effortlessly into the timelessly weird sound of Acid House. On the TT-303, simple 'Cut Off Freq', 'Res' and 'Env Mod' knob tweaks turn thick basslines into squelchy liquid leads. The BassBot is sent through an Eventide Space for some ambience and texture play which helps add fresh dimension into a classic sound.

In this video we jam classic sounds with old and new technology. The foundation is set with beats from the world's most beloved drum machine, the Roland TR-808. To accompany the solid 808 grooves, we employ another classic Roland sound, but instead of the vintage piece we see how the Cyclone TT-303 Bass Bot holds up to its legacy. The result is pure Acid House fun! Since the TT-303 is equipped with midi and the TR-808 uses din sync, we used the Roland SBX-1 to sync the two machines. To add a little bit of rhythmic flavor, we sync'd up a Roland CR-78 with the 'Bend' and 'Aux' outputs. To add a bit of depth and texture we ran the CR-78 through a OTO BAM reverb unit, bringing the slinky programmed rhythms in and out of focus.

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  • One year warranty
  • Includes printed manual, AC adapter. For shipment within North America only
  • Dimensions: 310mm x 130mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 783g

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