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Audio Damage
ADM06 Sequencer 1 - 36HP

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ADM06 Sequencer 1 - 36HP

Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1

The Audio Damage Sequencer 1 is a step sequencer optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module was inspired by some of the earliest step sequencers in modular synthesizer history, as well as the pattern sequencers present in modern drum machines and grooveboxes. As such, it serves as an effective means of creating both melodic and rhythmic patterns.

On that note, the Sequencer 1 was designed with both studio and live use in mind: its most crucial functions are easily accessible via an intuitive front panel interface, and a plethora of step and pattern settings afford easy creation of sophisticated progressive patterns. 

ADM06 Features

  • Live editing of all pattern and step data—change everything without stopping.
  • Four banks of 16 patterns each, for a total of 64 patterns.
  • Each pattern can have one to 64 steps.
  • Multiple stepping modes providing various forms of forward, reverse, bidirectional, and random behavior.
  • One pitch control-voltage output with a range of zero to +5V, with either 1V/Oct or Hz/Volt scaling.
  • Over 40 musical scales and modes and eight user-programmable scales.
  • Diatonic transposition for in-key improvisation.
  • Three control voltage outputs, programmable per step, with a range of ±5V.
  • Gate and accent outputs with inverse and S-trig modes, output length programmable per step.
  • Multiple gate cycles per step to reproduce the “ratcheting” effect of a custom sequencer
  • built for and used by a famous pioneering German ensemble.
  • Live “repeat” functions for improvisational edits and remixes of patterns.
  • Three tempo-synced low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) with 25 waveforms, three output ranges, adjustable phase, and periods of one to 256 steps.
  • Two control-voltage inputs for modulating current step, step mode, gate length, current pattern, transpose, repeat mode, and ratcheting.
  • Transport output jacks, for use as a master tempo source.
  • Transport input jacks, for slaving to other tempo sources.
  • Micro SD card for pattern storage and firmware updates.

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  • 36 HP
  • +12V @ 110mA
  • Skiff-Friendly 20mm Depth
  • Weight: .67 lbs; .3 kg

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