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Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer

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Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer
Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer Mochika X3 Desktop Synthesizer


The new Mochika X 3 features 3 independent sections: an analog synthesizer, a multimode step sequencer and a MIDI to control-voltage interface, now you can play it from a midi keyboard, a cv-gate controller or from the built in step sequencer. Also a patch bay with various inputs an outputs for each section for great flexibility, and for easy integration with other midi or CV-gate gear or Modular gear.

Product Features:

  • One analog pulse and saw waveform VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with independent level knob for each wave.
  • Pulse width modulation knob
  • Ten turn precision tune knob to adjust octave and fine tune.
  • Glide effect knob.
  • White noise generator
  • One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), it can modulate the VCO frequency or PWM and also the Filter at the same time.
  • Vactrol based Low Pass and High Pass Filter with cut off and peak controls.
  • Feedback switcher, it feeds the output to the audio input creating an extra puch specially on bass souds.
  • Filter envelope generator EG1 with decay and level control and normal/inverted envelope switcher
  • Loudness envelope generator EG2 with release control
  • Built in MIDI interface, now you can play the mochika from a midi keyboard or any midi controller, sequencer or computer.
  • Midi thru connector to add the Mochika X3 to your midi chain.
  • Built in 8 step sequencer with global tempo, gate time control, note on/off switch and pitch knob for each step.
  • The built in sequencer features many modes: forwad, alternate, random, repetition, random repetition, gate arpeggio patters.
  • The sequencer can be synchronized by an external analog pulse or by midi.
  • Step knob, determines the first step, great for performance.
  • Freeze effect button F1, also great for performance.
  • Oscillator mode, the Mochika becomes a drone oscillator, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking the step knob.
  • Sequence length from 2 to 8 steps for forward sequence modes and from 3 to 8 steps length for alternate sequence modes,
  • Random mode and random repetition, it generates a large pseudo random sequence.
  • Repetition mode in which you can define from 1 to 8 repetitions for each step.
  • Gate type mode in which you switch between normal gate (time defined by the gate knob) and hold, for each step.
  • Gate Arpeggiator with 8 patterns, you can switch in real time between the 8 notes tweaking the step knob and sync it by midi or external analog clock.
  • Patch bay with inputs and outputs from the synthesizer, sequencer and midi interface sections.

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  • Rugged steel case with all the potentiometers and switchers fixed to the case.
  • Aluminum knobs.
  • Powered by an external power supply (12V AC, 2A)

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