Modular V Soft Synth

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Modular V Soft Synth


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The Arturia Modular V3 puts fat vintage synth sounds right into your DAW. The Modular V3 plug-in gives you the sound adopted by such greats as Tangerine Dream, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, and more. And because the Modular V3 is modular, you've got endless synthesis and sound design possibilities. What's more, Arturia's True Analog Emulation (TAE) technology means you've got an incredibly accurate reproduction of legendary analog synth circuits with the Arturia Modular V3 synthesizer plug-in.

The Modular V3 plug-in uses Arturia's TAE technology to faithfully re-create the analog circuits of a classic modular analog synth in the digital realm. With TAE, you'll enjoy aliasing-free oscillators at no extra CPU cost, better reproduction of analog oscillators (warmth!), and an accurate reproduction of a famous filter design.

While the Modular V3 virtual instrument lets you get the spot-on sound of a vintage analog synthesizer, it's also loaded with new possibilities. You'll enjoy having the ability to create and save your presets or just launch into 600 different presets that come included. And with nine oscillators, two LFOs, three filter slots, and six envelopes, you've got a world of modular sound design capability ready to go at any time. No (physical) patch cords required!

The Arturia Modular V3 boasts 64-bit floating point processing, which plays no small part in its uncanny analog sound. Filter sweeps sound smooth and natural, pitch bends sound smooth and analog, and there's no aliasing that you may hear with lesser synthesizer plug-ins.


  • Operates standalone or as a VST, RTAS, or AU plug-in (32-bit/64-bit)
  • All the parameters of the original Modular: 9 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 3 filter slots, 1 Noise Generator, 6 envelopes, 2 VCAs
  • 16 auxiliary VCAs with modulation inputs
  • 24-step sequencer
  • 1 filter bank (14 bandwidths available)
  • More than 600 presets, made by professionals
  • Main stereo outputs
  • Mono/Polyphonic (up to 64 voices per instrument)
  • Soft clipping function
  • No aliasing from 0.1Hz to 16kHz
  • 64-bit floating point precision
  • Sampling rate: up to 96kHz
  • Playable through a MIDI keyboard
  • 1 stereo delay
  • 1 chorus
  • Very accurate reproduction of a legendary 24dB lowpass filter
  • 1 Chorus and Delay Effect section (besides 12 Stage Phaser and Ring Modulator)
  • Superb audio quality with TAE engine. 24-bit/96kHz supported

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Required Minimum Configuration

  • PC: 1GB RAM; CPU 2GHz (Multiple cores recommended)
  • Mac: 1GB RAM; CPU 2GHz (Multiple cores recommended)

Platform Specifications

  • Windows: XP/Vista/7
  • Mac OS X: 10.5 or higher, Intel only


  • Win: Standalone, VST, RTAS
  • Mac: Standalone, VST, RTAS, AU

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