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AQA Elektrix
TEG-1 Triple Envelope Generator - 21HP

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Item: N13-5260

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TEG-1 Triple Envelope Generator - 21HP


An envelope generator doens't always have to be function-ladden, sometimes what's needed is just solid reliability. Enter, the TEG-1. The technical quality originates in precision components, as used in measuring instruments for instance, in order to keep the parameters precise, always the same and to keep you happy.

Three identical, classic ADSR envelopes are integrated; in terms of functionality, it's rather simple with one gate input and a positive and an inverted envelope output each. The gate inputs are all normalized (1 -> 2 -and 1 -> 3; with input 1 as master), this minimizes the amount of patch cords necessary. Normalizations can be disrupted by patching a cable. There is a time range switch with two positions for short and long envelope times for each envelope. The LEDs for visualisation were omitted on purpose to keep the power consumption low.


  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release controls for each envelope generator
  • Each of the 3 envelope generators can be triggered independently or normalized to Gate 1
  • Each envelope generator has an time-switch for choosing between short and long times
  • Each envelope generator has an normal output
  • Each envelope generator has an inverted output

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  • 21HP
  • Power
  • -12V 23mA
  • +12V 36mA

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