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AQA Elektrix QLFO Quadrature LFO

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AQA Elektrix QLFO

The QLFO, from AQA Electrik, is a quad LFO that emits a sine wave alongside three phase-shifted copies: one at 90 degrees, one at 180 degrees, and the last at 270 degrees. The frequency can be manipulated manually or via CV. Additionally, the module is capable of reaching audio ranges and features a dedicated 1V/Oct input for accurate tracking. A front panel switch lets users determine the frequency range, which extends below and well above the range of human hearing. 

QLFO Features

  • Generates a sine wave and 3 phase shifted copies of it: 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Frequency can be manually controlled
  • Frequency can be controlled by an external control voltage
  • 3 frequency ranges selectable by switch
  • Frequency range from less than a Hz beyond the audible range
    • 8HP
    • Power consumption
    • -12V -28mA
    • +12V -28mA
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