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AQA Elektrix Dual VC Delay

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AQA Elektrix Dual Delay

The Dual VC Delay, from AQA Electrik, provides a wealth of possible avenues for signal manipulation, pitch modulation, and ambient signal generation. Think of the module as two independent delays with their own feedback loops. When in parallel/stereo configuration, the module emits unique modulated spatial effects. For compounded insanity, users can chain multiple Dual VC Delay’s together in different ways to achieve complex reverberated space, thanks in part to the multitude of connections and ample feedback-routing possibilities.

Dual Delay Features

  • Delays can be routed in parallel or serial configuration (A => B or A II B)
  • Internal feedback with a 6dB HP and LP filter in series for each delay, feedback signals are attenuverted
  • Using normalized feedback in and out jacks, the feedback loops can be opened to insert other stuff
  • Feedback can be switched between parallel and cross routing between A and B
  • Audio input attenuators for each Delay
  • Each delay time can be independently controlled by knob
  • Each delay time can be independently modulated by an attenuverted external control voltage
  • Each delay time can be independently modulated by an attenuverted external control voltage
  • Normalized audio signal Inputs
  • Outputs for the delayed signals
  • Outputs for the delayed signal and HP+LP filtered delayed signal (for feedback use)
  • Normalized feedback-signal Inputs


  • IN  jack A & B - Input for the Audio Signal to be delayed
  • IN CV Input jack A & B - normalized (A->B) CV input for delay time, attenuverted by CV Pot
  • IN FB jack A & B - normalized (A->B) Input for the feedback signal
  • OUT jack A & B - Audio output Delay A & B
  • FB FILT OUT jack A & B - HP and LP filtered Audio output of Delay A & B for feedback use
  • FB Out jack A & B - Audio output of Delay A & B for feedback use
  • CV knob A & B - CV Input attenuverter
  • TIME knob A & B - Delay time
  • IN ATTN knob A & B - Audio input attenuator
  • FEEDBACK knob A & B - feedback depth attenuverter
  • 21HP
  • Power consumption
  • -12V 40mA
  • +12V 85mA
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