Analog Drum Synth (BLACK) - 22HP

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Analog Drum Synth (BLACK) - 22HP


The EMW ‘Analog Drum Synth’ module is a complete percussion synthesizer that can be used to easily create deep analog sounds like bass drum, snare drum, modulated sweeps, effects, etc. Its architecture is based on the famous Korg ER-1 drum synthesizer but it was created using all analog technology for high impact and deep sounds. 


  • Architecture Inspired by Korg ER-1 Drum Synthesizer
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Modulation Input with Level Control
  • Impact Tone Control
  • 2 Oscillator Waveforms: Sine and Sawtooth
  • Five Selectable Modulation Types
  • Modulation Speed Control and Noise Pitch Control of Modulator
  • Pitch CV Input with Level Control
  • Modulation Decay Control
  • Selectable Modulation to Pitch CV Control (On/Off)
  • Impact Level Control
  • VCA Decay Amount Control
  • Trigger Input for VCA Section

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 22 HP Width
  • 50mm Depth
  • +12V: 57mA Current Draw
  • -12V: 37mA Current Draw

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