AL-88c Compact MIDI Interface

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AL-88c Compact MIDI Interface


AL-88c offer the same performances and main functionalities as our flagship product :  the AL-88.

Far more powerful compared to the classical USB MIDI patch-bay with 8X8 MIDI ports.

Expandable by multiples of 2 and 8 MIDI I/O ports to create a unique patch-bay which also encompasses up to 32 virtual MIDI ports in every computer (WIN & MAC).

AL-88c allows you to connect 8 MIDI In and 8 MIDI Out ports, simply and in a flexible way to patch, remap, filter and merge MIDI flows on a fine channel basis.

AL-88c are supplied ready to use, the actual linking is managed via the CopperLan Manager.   This freeware tool is also used to monitor the status of all CopperLan computers and equipment.   The AL-88c can be controlled from any computer anywhere in the network.

The AL-88c was tested against numerous MAC & PC programs - including MIDIQUEST - for a perfect handling of the touchy SYS EX exchanges of past synthesizers.

The AL-88c offer the Top performances in terms of MIDI throughput and latency/jitter far below 1 mS.  Full compatibility with real-time applications.


  • Self-contained interface, 8 MIDI In/Out pairs to Global MIDI Network.
  • Peer to peer MIDI transport, on a channel basis, remapping and merging.
  • Peer to peer MIDI transport without mandating a computer.
  • 100 Base-T Ethernet port with shielded RJ45.
  • Ready Power over Ethernet.
  • Auto-MDIX allows using straight-trough or cross-over UTP cable.

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  • Wall power adaptor with AC plug for EU or UK or US or Australian supplied.
  • Ultra-compact ruggedized and stylized aluminium box.
  • Upgrading the firmware is done via the network.

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