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Alright Devices Chronoblob Digital Delay

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Alright Devices Chronoblob

The Alright Devices Chronoblob is an exceptional digital delay module for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It allows for two useful delay options that few Eurorack delay modules possess: clock devised delays and tempo-synced delay times. The module’s sync input enables precise time locking, enabling one to synchronize (or de-synchronize) delay parameters in accordance with their aesthetic requirements. Precise delay times are even easier to achieve when using the module’s division/multiplication knob, which extends from x5 to /5, and governs the delay repeat amount to create inherently musical repeats.

An external effects send allows external effects to be routed through the module’s feedback path for the creation of useful effects like pitch delay, filter delay, and reverb/delay interplay. Ultimately, users can route any effect through this input in order to alter the Chronoblob’s overall character.

Since the Chronoblob is capable of infinite decay, it can function as a looper, making it ideal for dense drone applications or airy pads. There’s also a Mode switch for selecting between two useful delay types: a BBD-style tape delay and a subtle delay setting.

Finally, the Chronoblob’s most singular feature has to be its Hold function, which is governed by a manual switch or remotely via gate input. This feature freezes the audio buffer to create wonderfully glitchy delay textures.

A Hold switch with a corresponding Gate input is able to freeze the audio buffer, which allows for stuttery and glitchy delay control. 

Chronoblob Features

  • Tempo Sync, with division / multiplication of clocked delay times
  • OTA-based Analogue feedback path, with send & return patch-points
  • 2 different delay modes (resampling, similar to tape/BBD – and crossfading)
  • Hold input, for applying a gate to freeze the delay buffer
  • CV inputs for delay time (with attenuverter) and feedback
  • Dry / Wet mix control
  • Overload LED
  • Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
  • Delay: 5ms to 500ms in SHORT mode, 50ms to 2.73s in LONG mode
  • Power: +12V / 90mA, -12V / 30mA
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 30mm (including power connector)
Product Demo Videos
Alright Devices Chronoblob and T-Wrex on a simple sine wave sequence
The Alright Devices Chronoblob and T-Wrex work together on this patch to create effects for a simple sine wave sequence. The Chronoblob Delay is tempo synched with the sequence and the T-Wrex is in the feedback loop of the delay, bit crushing and reducing the sample rate of the repeats. The patch is clocked by the 4MS QCD with the Frap Tools Sapel changing the clock divisions for a type of ratcheting, the Make Noise Pressure Points and Rene sequence two Intellijel Dixie II+ VCOs and a Doepfer A-110-4 VCO. Envelopes are Generated by the Make Noise Maths and the Optomix is used for VCAs and a mixer into the Chronoblob.

The T-Wrex Bitcrusher and Decimator, from Alright Devices, is their next installment of high quality audio effects in the Eurorack modular realm. In addition to audio effects, when fed in low frequency content, the T-Wrex can also function as a type of sample and hold stepped modulator. With ample control, and attenuverters for every CV input, one can dial in the perfect amount of wet/dry mix and timbral character. The Bitcrusher part is also followed by a "Decimator," which also has its own individual input, allowing the Bitcrusher and Decimator to be used independently.

The Chronoblob is a unique delay for the eurorack format. One of the most alluring aspects of a delay are tempo-synchronized delay times, with clock divised delays for rhythmic overlap and layering. There are few delays in the Eurorack format that allow for this option, and the Chronoblob is here to solve that problem. With the Sync input, one can lock the delay time to the exact groove of ones music, or send it sporatic gates for a crazy asynchronous delay effect. A clock division/multiplication knob decides how the delay repeats use musically rhythmic relationships, from x5 to /5.
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