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AJH Synth Ring SM Ring Modular Mixer (Black)

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AJH Synth Ring SM

The AJH Synth Ring SM is a multifunctional module with a variety of useful applications. First and foremost, the module is an exceptional ring modulator constructed around a discrete transistor core, complete with an extra input for even more modulation possibilities. 

Additionally, there are two sub-bass generators that lend -1 and -2 Oct signals to the final output. However, rather than emitting square waves like most sub-octave generators, these vary from low-end trapezoidal shapes with bowed edges, to sine waves on the high-end. 

Each of the above functions can be mixed together via the module’s five-channel DC coupled mixer, itself inspired by the Model D’s renowned discrete transistor CP3 mixer. The mixer can be used together with the module’s other features, or as an independent five-channel audio/CV mixer. 

Finally, there’s a clipping/distortion circuit at the module’s final output for adding beefy distortion characteristic of the Model D. 

This is the BLACK version of the Ring SM. 

Ring SM Features

  • Ring Modulator based on a discrete transistor core
  • Three inputs for modulation
  • Sub Octave generators at -1 and -2 octaves
  • Trapezoidal sub octave waveshape
  • 5 Channel discrete transistor CP3 mixer
  • Clipping/distortion available on last mix channel
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current Draw: 55mA@+12V, 50mA@-12V
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