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Ring SM Ring Modular Mixer (Black) - 14HP

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Ring SM Ring Modular Mixer (Black) - 14HP


The Ring SM from AJH is a multifunction module designed to play more than one role. Its first function is a unique style ring modulator. Unlike most ring modulators which use an IC chip for its function, this ring mod uses a vintage design based around a discrete transistor core, which gives an extra Z input for more modulation. Also included are two independent Sub bass generators giving -1 and -2 octave signals to add to the final output. The waveshape of these suboctaves aren't the typical squarewaves, instead they vary from trapezoid waveshapes with rounded edges at the lower frequencies to sine waves at the higher frequencies, and are useful up to 1kHz. All of these functions are then mixed with a five input DC coupled mixer based on the discrete transistor CP3 design. The outputs of the ring modulator and the sub bass are all routed internally to the mixer, but when a patch cable is plugged into any of the mixers inputs, it breaks the normalization, allowing it to function as a regular 5-channel mixer for audio or control voltages. The last input in the mixer includes a clipping/distortion circuit, which can be used as a type of waveshaper. This distortion is what gives the classic Minimoog its beefy sound, and is unbeatable when applied to a mono synth sound. 


  • Ring Modulator based on a discrete transistor core
  • Three inputs for modulation
  • Sub Octave generators at -1 and -2 octaves
  • Trapezoidal sub octave waveshape
  • 5 Channel discrete transistor CP3 mixer
  • Clipping/distortion available on last mix channel

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current Draw: TBA

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