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101 .Wav Player - 11HP

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101 .Wav Player - 11HP

ADDAC 101 .Wav Player

The ADDAC 101 .Wav Player brings digital sampling capabilities to the realm of Eurorack modular synthesis. Unsurprisingly, this allows for the creation of wonderfully complex sounds. The module utilizes an SD card to play 22Khz 16-bit mono samples, while the front panel offers manual and remote access to loop size, position, playback rate, and amplitude parameters. There’s also an internal envelope follower that allows one to modulate desired parameters in accordance with the amplitude of the sample. 

Sample playback can be accessed both linearly and randomly, with a handy skip function providing an easy way to execute either option. This process is able to be accomplished manually or via CV. 

101 Features

  • File Access (Manual / Gate file skip, play next, play previous, play random)
  • Four variable settings, Loop Size, Initial Position, Sample Rate and VCA controlled manually through the corresponding front panel knob or externally from a CV input
  • Two sound outputs: one pre-VCA (with a pre-volume knob) and one post-VCA (located in the VCA section)
  • An Envelope Follower CV output
  • Loop Size - dynamically control the size of the loop, by trimming down the total duration to a smaller size
  • Initial Position - dynamically control the initial point of the loop, also allowing scrolling through the file duration
  • Sample Rate - dynamically change the sample rate resolution, altering the pitch of the playback
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier - analogue VCA to dynamically control the overall volume of the sound output
  • Envelope Follower - a CV output that changes according to the playback amplitude (post-VCA), with controls for level and decay. It also features a led monitor for easy visualization
  • Led monitors - visualize current state of Size, Position and Rate controls
  • Skip / Loop switch - set the Gate/Digital input to either a file access mode or re-trigger mode
  • Playback modes - set playback modes between Loop / One Shot | Forward / Random
  • NOTE: SD cards have to be formatted in FAT16 and there's a special convention for filenames. For more information please consult the Addac101 user guide

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  • Format: Eurorack
  • Width: 11 HP
  • Depth: 5.5 cm
  • CV inputs: 0-10v
  • CV outputs: 0-10v
  • Gate in threshold: 2.5v
  • Compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies
  • Max current: 150mA
  • Bus Board Cable: 8 x 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector

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