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4MS Stereo Triggered Sampler

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4MS Stereo Triggered Sampler

The Stereo Triggered Sampler, from 4MS, is a dual channel sampler that functions with extremely high fidelity. 600 samples can be loaded from a removable MicroSD card, and are saved within the STS. This means the MicroSD cards can be swapped without powering down, and can reload once a new MicroSD card is inserted. It can support files up to 96kHz/32-bit/stereo WAV files. 

As expected in a Eurorack module, all sample parameters can be controlled via CV, (1v/oct pitch, sample file selection, start position, sample length.) Another interesting feature of the STS is its ability record. At the press of a button, or the inputting of a Gate, the STS can begin recording a stereo or mono input. Once the stop button is pressed, this recording is added into the bank of samples, and can be mangled in real time. The STS can record up to 6 hours in a single sample using 44.1k/16-bit stereo audio. 

Using a computer is completely optional with the STS. With samples being directly recorded to it, and the sample order rearrangeable on the device itself, there is no need for organizing or naming files within the computer before importing them into the module.

The STS ships with a 32G MicroSD card packed with samples recorded from many of the modular heavy hitters of the day. 

Stereo Triggered Sampler Features

  • Two independent playback channels
  • Intuitive bank/color organization system-- no need to rename your .wav files
  • Up to 600 samples can be active in banks at one time (10 samples per bank)
  • Maximum file size for playback or record: 4GB per file (over 6 hours per file at 44.1kHz/16b/stereo)
  • Ships with a 32GB SD card, loaded with over 200 high quality samples from musicians such as Richard Devine, Wobbly, Moor Mother, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Pailo, Russell E.L Butler
  • Extremely quiet, low noise and low jitter design
  • Stereo mode: Two stereo files are mixed together and played at once through the L and R output jacks (L+L and R+R)
  • Mono mode: each file is mixed down to mono and output through the channel's output jack (L+R and L+R)
  • SD Card is hot-swappable: no power-down required to change SD cards. Samples that are preloaded into memory can continue playing while card is swapped.
  • As new features are developed, firmware can be updated by playing an audio file into the STS
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 20HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current Draw: 145mA@+12V; 39mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
4MS STS Stereo Triggered Sampler Module
This video shows a few patches with the 4MS STS eurorack sampler module. The STS has high fidelity sample quality and lots of voltage control options.
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