Spectral Multiband Resonator - 26HP

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Spectral Multiband Resonator - 26HP

4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator

The Spectral Multiband Resonator from 4MS Company is a whole new audio filtering tool unlike any other in the Eurorack format.  This module can provide a wide variety of functions from manipulating timbre and vocoding to creating control voltage based off of specific spectral data. 

The Spectral Resonator is first and foremost a 6-Band graphic EQ, but with a few tricks up its sleeve. Each of the six bands has a volume slider, elegantly lit with a slider LED, that can be controlled manually or with control voltage. Each of these bands also has an envelope follower output, providing CV based on the volume of frequencies within each specific frequency band. There are also CV inputs to control the volume of each of the six bands. 

The distribution of the frequencies is controlled by the Rotate (Scale) knob. Rotate will keep the same relationship of the distribution, but shift the whole collection up or down the frequency spectrum. When the Rotate knob is pressed and turned, this changes the "scale", or the frequency relationship of the six bands. This also has a CV input for control. The Spread knob separates the frequency bands from each other to vary the distribution. Both of these controls provide substantial timbral modulation, along with the Morph control, which interpolates the shifts to fade between each other rather than immediate response. Because the frequency bands are organized circularly, the spread will distribute the bands in interesting ways, with some of the bands crossing the high to low frequency threshold. There are CV inputs for Morph and spread, with a VC input and two clock inputs for Rotation. 

A Lock function for each band prevents that frequency band from being modulated according to the morph, spread and rotate controls. This is useful for preventing accidents with knob bumps, as well as creating static frequency resonances that are then excentuated by other morphing and rotating bands. 

The resonance control on the Spectral Multiband Resonator is where the magic happens. This control turns each of the bandpass filters into singing oscillator drones that naturally creates beautiful chords based off of the Scale selection. This resonance is also voltage controlled for ultimate control and modulation possibilites. At full resonance, the frequency bands can be tracked at 1v/Oct for a musical oscillator. With certain Scales, their distribution can be a diatonic chord, providing an air of polyphony. 

The functions of this module are so wide ranging that it can easily be used in every patch. With nothing but a burst of noise, a Gong, Marimba, or plucked string is only a patch cable away. 

Spectral Multiband Resonator Features

  • Six filter channels, selected from twenty active filters displayed on the light ring
  • Variable "Q" (Resonance) ranges from classic band-pass to ultra-resonant ringing
  • Ring of 20 full-color lights displays the filter frequencies
  • Filter frequencies move about the scale using Rotation and Spread
  • Rotation "spins" the frequencies around the scale
  • Spread controls the gap between neighboring bands
  • Morph creates a variable speed cross-fade when the filter frequencies change
  • Lock buttons prevent each channel from changing in frequency (resonance can also be locked)
  • Freq Nudge knobs for creating de-tuning effects, or honing in on an exact frequency
  • Frequency CV input (1V/octave) for even and odd bands (flip switch selects single or multiple channel control)
  • Stereo ins and outs stagger the bands into evens/odds for an immersive stereo field
  • Spectral content outputs for each channel (Env Out) allow for vocoding (spectral transfer)
  • Fast or Slow tracking speeds for Envelope CV ouptuts, or selectable Trigger output mode is useful for extracting a beat from music
  • Sliders and CV jacks control each filter's level
  • Slew switch applies slew-limiting to the CV level jacks, which prevents clicking from clocks or triggers
  • Each bank has 11 scales of 20 frequencies/notes each.
  • User-programmable scales (select octave, chromatic note, and microtonal adjustments for each note in the scale)
  • Scale banks for Western, Indian, Chromatic, Micro-tonal, Equal tempered, Just intonation tunings
  • Rotation/Spread moves about an entire bank, or can be limited to a single scale
  • White noise is normalized to the inputs, so the SMR can be used without an external signal
  • Program your own scale. The frequency of each of the 20 notes can be assigned by setting the octave, the semi-tone, and coarse and fine micro-tone. Up to 11 scales can be saved permanently in the user bank
  • Adjust color scheme of the LEDs. Pick a pre-programmed color scheme or create your own using the sliders to set Red/Green/Blue values. Custom color schemes can be saved permanently
  • Save your settings in one of six parameter banks. Note position, scale and bank selection, Q value, Lock settings and color scheme can be saved and recalled on the fly. On startup, the SMR loads settings from the last saved bank.
  • Optional alternative filter type for a more exponential decay when plucked and different timbral qualities. Freq jacks no longer track 1V/oct in this mode.
  • Slider LEDs can be assigned to display level for each channel (combination of slider position and CV on the jack), or clipping for each channel.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: .95" 
  • Current Draw: 86mA @ +12V; 28mA @ -12V; 25mA @ +5V

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