2-Pole Analog Filter

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2-Pole Analog Filter
2-Pole Analog Filter 2-Pole Analog Filter 2-Pole Analog Filter 2-Pole Analog Filter 2-Pole Analog Filter


Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter has a deep impact on contemporary music.

Since its very beginnings, Waldorf has been renowned for the quality of their excellent sounding analog filters. Whether these were integrated in stand alone units, such as the 4-Pole, X-Pole or the AFB16, which enabled the world's first analog plug-Ins, or were found inside Waldorf's synthesizers such as the Wave, the Q+ or the Pulse - Waldorf filters have influenced the world's sound for over two decades.

Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter features Waldorf's analog filter technology and is presented by Waldorf in the novel square box (unexpectedly matching the Rocket synthesizer). Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter is giving the guitar player, the DJ, or the keyboard player access to the heart of the Waldorf sound - with an inspiring user interface with a one knob/one function philosophy. Spice up your live performances with dramatic filter sweeps that really cut through. Funk up your guitar licks by hooking a pedal controller to 2-Poles' cutoff CV In or using the integrated envelope follower. Animate your pad sounds using Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter's LFO. But beware - no matter what you do with this tiny black box, make sure you set the levels to your amplifiers and speakers correctly, as Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter is yet another beast from Waldorf - with love!


  • Fully analog signal path: Preamp --> Filter --> Overdrive
  • Award winning Waldorf analog multimode filter technology
  • Filter can be modulated by LFO, envelope follower or external signal
  • Preamp with overdrive capability for direct connection of instruments like bass or guitar
  • Post-filter overdrive with adjustable gain
  • LFO with different ranges, rate up to several kHz
  • Envelope follower with trigger section and different modes
  • True Bypass
  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • Cutoff CV In
  • Envelope Follower CV In
  • Trigger In

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  • Power DC 12V
  • Current consumption: 150 mA (maximum)
  • Input Voltage: 9V - 15V DC, negative sleeve
  • Width: 185 mm
  • Depth: 185 mm
  • Height: 65 mm (including knobs)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg total

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